Bullock / ‘All We Ever Wanted …. ‘ the story so far 

18th July to 26th July, 2022, Fusion Arts, Oxford. 

‘All We Ever Wanted Was Everything / 24.02.22 (for Ukraine)’

An interactive sculpture/installation designed to raise awareness of the conflict in Ukraine and to support the Ukrainian refugee commununity in Oxford and surrounding area. The sculpture was originally shown at the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford  but was relocated to the Fusion Arts space in central Oxford after a senior professor found my use of art to support Ukraine ‘deeply offensive’ (story on front page). The showing of the sculpture was augmented with a photo display of the journey the sculpture has taken so far as well as some background and sketches on my knot works.

It is hoped that the sculpture/installation will go on to exhibition in galleries, institutions, museums worldwide and continue to grow with more and more public additions – and it is my fervent wish that it will end up on show at the Pinchuk Art Centre in Kyiv. The story continues, the journey has begun …